Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Bragging Rights

Because we didn’t have enough water fun over Labor Day, DJ and Madi (11-years old) decided to go to Catalina for some scuba diving. They had so much fun that the phone calls to me were VERY sparse….non-existent. Three quiet days later, I got a call after they got off the ferry back on the mainland.

After I said hello, my first comment was “Oh….you didn’t get eaten by a shark.” (Pause on DJ’s end.) “Well, we weren’t eaten by a shark.” (Extra long pause on my side of the conversation.) "Oh really........."

Then DJ went into the story of how he and my sweet, precious daughter went diving in the kelp forests and when Madi popped through a hole in the kelp, a 6-8 foot blue shark (maybe more) was sitting on the other side….about 5 feet away. It was more scared of them than they were of it and so it darted away. When I talked to Madi, I asked if she was looking forward to diving again anytime soon. Her answer? “If I get to see another shark, YES! I have bragging rights!”

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Melissa said...

Wow... She can have the bragging rights! I don't want them :) I have to admit, every time I get in the ocean I have to remind myself that my chances of being eaten are really quite slim...